About Gatewai

The alliance of legal and engineering expertise

Gatewai was co-founded by an experienced international dispute resolution lawyer and an experienced engineer, PhD in AI and entrepreneur, to create the most advanced Legal AI solutions with, and for, lawyers.

Around its co-founders, Gatewai is building a team of exceptional talents coming from the legal, AI, computer science and cyber security fields, to create the most advanced products and services for lawyers.

Our team is built to tackle all challenges posed by legal AI technologies, ranging from the most prosaic to the most conceptual ones.


Gatewai creates solutions for legal professionals to relieve them from the burden of the most meaningless, time-consuming, tasks, and enable them to focus on what truly matters : serving their client and justice to the best possible level.


We believe that AI will fundamentally impact the way laws, regulations and legal documents are designed, drafted, understood, applied, and enforced in the near future.

Helping legal practitioners entering the Legal AI age, shaping it, and developing the tools that will increase general accessibility to law and justice is instrumental to making this ideal a reality.

In participating to this evolution, Gatewai aims to be a positive contribution to making justice more equal and more accessible to all.